Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Oh no so not fair

I could cry, I really could. I have been working on 'The Wedding' and guess what...with just 112 stitches to go I ran out of the thread I needed :(

I refuse to order just one thread and I don't know what colours I will need for other projects and so I will not be finishing this one for a little while now well until I reorder the thread I need.

So here is where I got to.
Day 33
Day 34
Day 35
There they are those pesky 112 stitches, taunting me.

Ah, well move on. I started another piece for the Xmas list.
This one is from The World of Cross Stitch magazine issue, 156
Day 1
 Day 2
Without the magic backstitch.
With the magic of backstitch, and some awful French knots. I am sooo bad at them.
I love the way a simple black line really brings the picture to life.

In other news, I have been quite ill recently and to my hubby's delight I lost my voice, I can tell you I wasn't very pleased as I couldn't stitch while I was so ill. There I was all tucked up in bed without the energy to lift my hoop.

I went to a council meeting last night too and as yet my voice is not fully recovered and so I couldn't really speak properly, but my Policeman had asked me to bring up several points and I couldn't let him down now could I? Anyway, after I had struggled to speak for 10 minutes, I covered all the points he wanted me to make and then guess what?? He turned up in his civvies and I must admit he was still quite hot in them but not as much as when in uniform. I thought it was poor form of him and had he turned up just 10 mins earlier he could have saved my abused voice. (* please note I conduct the business between him and the council with complete professionalism and would treat him exactly the same as any one else, this is just a bit of fun. It's always nice to have something pretty to look at. I just wanted to make that clear just in case)

I am looking forward to the weekend, as not only are the children all staying out over night Saturday, but I am also dog sitting for a friend. Her dog Pip and my dog, Benji love each other and can't leave each other alone so that will be fun, well until the tip tapping of paws on floor really starts to irritate.

OK I'm off to find something else to stitch. Speak soon x

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