Sunday, 2 September 2012

Men... who'd have 'em??

Been very busy since my last post. Thursday I was stitching away, Friday I was baking some cupcakes for the lady I spoke about in an earlier post, Saturday was a friends wedding and Sunday I was making dinner. I have also been stitching today too.

So here is 'The Wedding' from Thursday.
Here are the Cupcakes I made on Friday. 
As you can see, 3 different colours. There is lilac, white and yellow. They were for a baby shower where the sex of the baby was not known.
The kids have loved it as I made extra for them too.

Saturday was rather eventful, as I mentioned we went to a friends wedding. We had a great time and I got very drunk, which I am suffering for now!!
I was dancing away, and used muscles that I had forgotten I had and today they have been aching like mad.
When we got home my OH decided that he no longer wanted to be involved in any of my internet sites and so I have had to remove all mention of him from my blog and my Facebook etc. He did make me very mad with it. So now as far as the internet is concerned, my family only consists of myself and the girls Kerry, Emily and Jessica, as Jade has also asked to be removed. I can tell you this has upset me quite a lot.

Moving on, I made Sunday dinner again this week, we had it rather late as I was too hungover earlier on to get it made so it became a Sunday tea lol. But I wanted to show you my Yorkshire Puddings as once again they were pretty great.

This one as you can see is bigger than my hand and it wasn't even the biggest!>>>

And finally, my Sunday update of 'The Wedding'
Time for me to go to bed, speak soon x.

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