Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A pity and a shame :(

I am not a happy bunny. My phone crashed and I lost all my photos :( and so I am now missing 4 days of stitching pics. I was so upset I failed to update my blog.

I have also been ill :( still am but hopefully will be ok soon. I hate being ill. I still have everything to do without the energy to do it and pain for doing it uff life is so ungrateful!!lol
Because I have been ill I have been suffering with migraines and so have not done much stitching recently.

I went to my friends' dogs' birthday party. 

On the left is Benji in his party hat and on the right is Opie in his. Holly didn't like having a hat on spoil sport. lol.

Below is the birthday boy with his cake. I must say they loved that cake!!

 Like I said the dogs loved eating the cake.
Here is where I have gotten up to with 'The Wedding' sorry most of the pics have been lost :(

Anyway off to bed for me, get curled up and try to sleep off this bloody illness.

Speak soon x

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