Friday, 20 July 2012

Christmas bunny in July??

Well I have completed my first cross stitch, and it is as the title says a Christmas bunny. Many people would be saying but it is July, but all you crafty people out there know that really you should be thinking about your Christmas crafts just after New Years. This bunny will be put on to a writing book and will be given as a gift to some one (not telling who so don't ask lol). Here is how it went.

 Day one I started by finding the centre of my fabric and working out from that. Using the colours I had, as I was five short of the colours needed. I went online to order the ones I needed on Wednesday which was the day I started this stitch, they arrived in the post on Thursday, super fast delivery from sian2407

 By the end of day two this is how far I got. Jessica kept guessing what it was we had bears and dogs and for some reason a dragon, bless her.

This is the completed cross stitch without the back stitching. I think it looks quite cute as it is, but next comes the finishing touches.

How cute is this bunny?? The back stitching really brings it to life and makes you want to say awww! I think this would look great on a note book for one of mt nieces (I can say that because I have seven of them and they will never be able to work out which one of them gets it lol)
This is the chart I used from an old copy of Cross Stitch Crazy if you want to give it a go.

I have also started my next cross stitch this one is a lot bigger 99x72 stitches. So this one will be going on a photo album me thinks, here is how far I am so far.

Looks spectacular so far doesn't it lol. But bear in mind there are 385 stitches in that border and bit of purple in the corner. My hands have frozen up holding the fabric in place so long.

I'm not going to tell you what it is a picture of you will just have to wait and see any guesses are welcome just pop it in the comments section underneath :)

So, in other news, the girls teachers were thrilled with their body scrubs. One teacher saying she would use it tonight as she wants to prepare her body for her holiday (I'm paraphrasing here), another thought it smelled really nice. Hoping for some good feedback from them after the school hols hope they liked it.

The girls have asked if tomorrow we can paint nails as I don't allow it during school term and they love having it done and practising on each other, so there may be pics on tomorrow to show you how they did.

Yesterday I bought some M&Ms to make some muffins with but the girls snuck in and ate them before I could so need to go get some more and will post up how we make them tomorrow.

We tried to go puddle splashing today but the rain stopped and most of the puddles had dried up by the time we were on our way home from school. I don't know, we moan when it rains and moan when it stops lol.

Anyway, off to bed for me now, speak to you all tomorrow

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