Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Finally Back To School

I am one happy mum again now the kids have all gone back off to school. Jessica started full time this term so for the first time in 5 years I can actually do my own thing during the day without having to break off at lunch time to either take or pick up from nursery. Here are the girls ready for the first day back.
Jessica was super excited about starting full time school.
Today I am going to a friends' dogs' birthday party. I know but I think it is really just a get together for the owners of the dogs rather than an actual party, though there will be a special cake for the dogs to share lol. 
In the meantime here is 'The Wedding' update.
Here is Monday nights pic
And then last nights
You can now see exactly how big this will be when finished. I think the next section I will be working on is the dress itself and the majority of that is white so I will keep taking the pics but you might not see much of the work as white doesn't seem to show up well on here.

Any who got to go get ready for the party speak soon x


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