Monday, 1 October 2012

Finally...The Wedding is Complete.

Well, as the title says it is done, finished, complete. Over a month of work, a few hiccups, running out of thread etc. But now it is done and ready to be sent off to the framers. He will be collecting it in a day or so and so I can move on now to other things.
What??? You want to see it?? Really?? 
OK here is the finished stitch
I don't think you can really judge the size of this properly so here I am holding it.
As you can see it covers me from neck to bum lol. Told you it was a big piece.
It would have to be to cover my bum lol.

So now what to do?? hmmm oh yeah, back to the Christmas stitches
I made a start on a new one here
But I made a mistake and had to do some frogging, here it is after the frogging
Gutted is not the word a good couple hours work down the pan.
I then started stitching again and got this far
Another night and this will be done. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is my 8th wedding anniversary, and so the hubby and I will be chilling out watching one of our fave programmes on DVD, kids in bed early we may even be able to watch 4 episodes. It''s a sad life isn't it lol.

We will go out to celebrate at the weekend no doubt too. I'm not that hard done to lol.
Anyway off to bed for me apparently I will be woken up early so I can have breakfast in bed. 
Speak soon xx

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