Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pyjama days are the best.

The girls decided that today should be a pyjama day and so we did not get dressed. It was lovely, we got all snuggled up together and watched a movie.

Emily is curently obsessed with the word caboose. I don't know where it came from but she has to use it in nearly every sentence at the moment. I encouraged her to write a story about a caboose and so she made herself a little book, and got to it. 

This is the first page.
It says "This is a story about cabooses.
This story is med (made) by Emily Walker." 

The picture at the bottom is a caboose.

This is the second page, it says, 
"A coboose goes on the back ov(of) the train and the caboose is far apart because the caboose is at the back of the train and the train is at the front of the train"

On mickey mouse goofey rided in the square caboose, caboosees are at the very back of the train and there is another name for caboose and it is caboosey"

This page says "caboose is at the rear of the train and caboos are after"

not a bad little story lol.

I have completed all the cross stitching on my piece now, I only have the backstitching to do now. 

The pic on the left shows a before the white is added and the right after, I wanted to show the difference in the two as you can't really see it in the photo's of the whole stitch.

And here is the pic of what I have done so far. The next one will be the whole completed one woohoo.

Speak to you all soon xxx

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