Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What a week

This week I have mainly been trying to crochet. I have never done it before but I thought it would be a good idea to learn as I could then crochet the hats for the girls for Christmas. I have decided to give it up as a bad job though lol here are the more recognisable attempts at it.



As you can see not great, I am struggling to get the tension right. 
Don't get me wrong I won't give up trying to do it but I just don't think that I have time to master it and get everything done for Christmas. Maybe next year crochet gifts will feature heavily...but then maybe not lol.

In other news, I have been suffering this week with migraines and so haven't done much else.

In cross stitch I have finished Santa,
Day 2
 Day 3
 Before the magic of back stitch
 With the magic of back stitch
I have also had some help with my Christmas stitching from my other half, 
 However, I can't use it bless him as he has not kept the stitches in the right way :(
But I think you can agree, that he did a fantastic job for a beginner.
I have started a Boofle piece that I got with a copy of World of Cross Stitch magazine. Here he is,
Though I forgot to buy the ecru colour I need for the piece so will work around it until I need to buy some new threads. As I'm sure I have said before I refuse to but a single thread as it costs too much lol.

I have also completes Kerry's scarf for Christmas,
This looks great. but it took longer to do hers than the other two put together. It is a basic garter stitch scarf so I can't understand why. It also used up a full ball of yarn where the other two only used up half. How strange.

Anyway, off to try get some more bits made, speak soon.

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