Sunday, 12 August 2012

Another Sunday another family bike ride

As it is Sunday, we all went to MIL's for our dinner. Once again we rode our bikes, we started off as a family but soon became two parties as Emily's front tyre got a flat.  (this section has been removed as it mentions my OH)  took Emily home and sorted out her tyre. They arrived 15 full minutes after us, ha ha slow coaches. At least we got the ride home all together.

I was looking through some of my stitchy stash that had been squirrelled away. I found some great stuff, and am excited to get going with it again. Here is what I found.
I also found some finished stitches that I had forgotten about have a look at these.

I can't remember who I did these for originally, so I will have to think of someone to give them to and get them cleaned and framed up.
Nice when you have a find like this, don't ya think??

Once I found my stitchy stash, I got started straight away on this one.
First person to tell me what this will be when it is finished gets to have it!!!
Get guessing in the comments box!

No update on 'The Wedding' as I was busy with the prize stitch, I will do some more on it tomorrow though I promise lol.

Off to bed now for me, speak soon x


  1. It's Toby Fox ;-)

    Your blog is really nice and I seem to be your first follower. I'm looking forward to see what you're stitching x

    1. You won the stitch woohoo, can you send me your address so I can send it out to you once it is finished :)


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