Saturday, 11 August 2012

Update from the week

Well, it has been a while since my last post, but to be fair I have been very lazy lol.
The girls were taken away for a few days for a little holiday. MIL took them to a friends caravan where they went on a pirate ship (according to reports, the girls were singing all the way 'when I was one, I ate a bun the day I went to sea. I jumped aboard a pirate ship the captain said to me, 'We're going this way, that way, forwards, and backwards, over the Irish sea. A bottle of rum to fill my tum, that's the life for me.' and so on and so on for the whole hour out at sea lol), they went to a circus, where the high light of the show was where 'a baby was crying and the mr picked it up and it wee'd all over everyone.'
Although I knew where the girls were going, we kept it secret from them. I gave them a few clues as to what was happening, but made them so vague they couldn't work it out, though Kerry came close (A police officer in the making I think).
Here are the clues given. 
  1. G.G.A.S is taking them. (Kerry came up with well it can't be Grandma Gill because she is at work, I didn't tell her otherwise, she went through everyone she could think of, she even thought that Great Grandma in Spain could be the one coming bless her.
  2. They are going on the train to Doncaster, and then somewhere else. Kerry was coming up with all sorts of destinations.
  3. They would be visiting family, Kerry thought that they could be going to Thetford, as my MIL's sister lives there, she then discounted this as Grandma Gill was working. She forgot that her cousin and aunt and uncle had gone on holiday a couple of days earlier.
  4. They would have buckets of fun. Kerry came up with going to the seaside. But she couldn't work out how visiting family and the seaside would work together.
  5. Fish and chips. They thought they would be going to a fish and chip restaurant for a meal, as this is one of their favourite treats.
  6. They needed their toothbrushes. They were thinking they were having a sleep over somewhere.
I can honestly say they had no clue as to what they were going to be doing it was great. This is the moment the discovered where they were going. 

They had a great time, I'm just sorry I missed it.

I have been doing a little work on 'The Wedding' cross stitch. I really didn't like the way the faces were coming along and so I tried making some more charts, hoping to make it look better, but no matter what I did the faces would look off. I decided to try to use some backstitching to make it look better, which it does so I am going to keep on it. Here is where I am up to.

From a distance it does look OK, but close up no so great but hopefully when it is done I will be happy with it.

Because I was so disheartened but the progress of 'The Wedding' I did another little stitch to get my mind off it for a while. My World of Cross Stitch mag came through with a small card kit. So I completed that. Here is the result at the end of 4 hours or solid stitching (well the kids were away I had chance lol)

I completed the stitch the next day with a further 2 hours of back stitch. Because this stitch has most of the backstitching going between the stitches it made it very difficult to do, even though I had a very sharp needle to do it. Also because it was so small my rings didn't fit it properly which meant I was holding the fabric awkwardly and so I got major hand cramp. But here is the finished result.

Isn't he cute? But you can see here especially the importance of the backstitch. He really does come to life. I will not be doing this stitch ever again though because of that horrible backstitching.

Well, I think I have updated you with everything I have been doing and so I am going to bed. Speak soon x.

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