Saturday, 4 August 2012

Colouring in is not just for kids

(this section has been removed as it mentions my OH)
Are you jealous?? I would be lol.

Today has been an exhausting day of tidying. I decided to tackle the girls bedroom, including the toy box. Now I know normal toy boxes are only big enough to hold a few toys, however our toy box was made by my hubby and is bigger than my bath and holds loads of stuff, they also have a second box that is a normal sizes box. The girls boxes were over flowing and I decided to streamline them. I got the girls to help me but boy I wish I had done it myself lol. Everything I got out seemed like a new toy to them as they hadn't seen it in so long, or if one wanted to get rid of it the others didn't and vice versa.
In the end we managed to donate 3 black bags of toys and a 2 foot pile of books to a local charity. They now have plenty of room to put their toys away and they get to play with all the toys the have so everyone wins. We now only have to go through the cuddly toys to see which ones can be donated now, really not looking forward to that as they do actually play and cuddle them all. I will be happy if just 5 go.

I have managed to do some cross stitch today, here it is, 

As you can see I have basically coloured in the hair. It seemed really easy and quite fun to do actually. The hair isn't the only thing I have been colouring in though, because the chart is so big I have been colouring in the chart as I complete stitches so I can keep track of where I am. The exciting bit is... almost one full page of chart is now coloured in woo hoo. See...
I have worked out that there is now around 3200 stitches done yay me!

I have also worked out which direction I will be going when I have completed the page... I will be going across. I have decided to do it this way because as I have been 'colouring in' the face area I found I don't like it so I am going to complete the face and see what it looks like to see if I want to carry on with it or redo the chart and start again. If I decide to start again I will not be happy with all the frogging I will have to do, but as I have been doing this stitch I keep thinking I should have done this or that to make it look better etc. If when the whole face is done, I actually like it I will leave it as is though. Stay tuned to find out what I do lol.

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