Monday, 9 July 2012

The secret revealed

As promised I will tell you of the secret presentation from tonight. Ernest Adams, known to all as Tat, has received an award for his services to the community, we gave him freedom of the town. 

He has never missed a remembrance day service in over 65 years, he lost 4 members of his family in the great wars and served himself in both. As the vice chairman of the local Royal British Legion he is one of the few people to receive a gold medal and bars for 60 years continuous service.

Tat, who has been married to his wife Margaret for 68 years was founder of the local branch of the Royal Naval Association and is a past president of the local Rotary Club, where he organised nights out for the elderly, helped with various schemes for young people and provided transport for people with physical disabilities.

He is a true star and it was an honour to meet this great man and present him with this truly deserved award.

In other council news, the police turned up to our meeting (which we have been wanting for ages) I invited them and they came so not really sure if they have ever been invited before, hopefully we will see a much clearer link between the council and the police now.

One of our councilors tried to get us to spend money on some Mayoral robes, but I soon put a stop to that, the other councils in our area are not 'working councils' we are and so the budget for the Mayoral duties is a lot higher in other areas than in ours. We spend our money on the betterment of the town. 

In family news, today the children have been off school for teacher training and as such have been doing my head in with the arguing and bickering between themselves, Kerry bless her really wanted to help me out today and so came to see me to ask if she could switch the dishwasher on saying 'I've already put all the pots in can I switch it on now?' Bless her little heart.

Anyway signing off for the night speak to you all soon 

P.S The girls loved the muffins and they have now all gone.

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