Sunday, 29 July 2012

Not so lazy Sunday

We went to my MIL's again today for our Sunday dinner. The girls and I rode our bikes again. (this section has been removed as it mentions my OH) This is them working on it together.

Kerry wanted to help out but Jessica..... well she wanted to sing and dance.

The finished truck looked like this.
Emily so far has not stopped playing with it.

While they were doing this I was getting on with my cross stitch, I am quite pleased with myself as it is now nearly done woohoo.

I just have a day left of stitching the white of the polar bears bodies and then a day or so of backstitching and it is then done. Here it is...

The only problem is, with all the rest being white you won't really be able to tell when I have done it :( I will still post it just in case, well I know how riveting it is to read this trying to keep up to date with what I'm doing lol.

The first week of school holidays is now over and so far we have spent a grand total of £0.50 on entertaining the kids. Everything we have done has either been free or we have already had the stuff in the house to do it with. I am a firm believer in not spending on your kids but instead spending time with them. This week my girls have learnt a great deal (even though they didn't notice as they were having so much fun doing it.)

For example, they have been measuring ingredients for the play dough, they have let their creative side out making the ball game, they have been practising with their hand eye co ordination by playing the games we made, patience, counting, hand eye co ordination and using their fine motor skills with the cross stitch. They even got plenty of exercise playing on the park.

I would much rather be doing this with my kids than allowing them unlimited electronics time. Don't get me wrong, they love to play on the computer, watch T.V and listen to music. I just make sure they have plenty of other stuff to keep them busy and their minds engaged.

Sorry, that sounds a bit preachy, but I am very happy with my lot.

Any way time for bed again speak to you soon xx

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