Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Going old school

Well last night I went to my first Royal British Legion meeting, where I was made a member of my local branch. To say it was interesting was an understatement but hey ho I will get them busy soon doing all sorts of stuff. They do a great job for those that have served in the forces and I can't wait to get involved. Will keep you updated with what we get up to.

Today I really fancied a jam roly poly. I can't stand the ones you can buy frozen and so out came the suet. I have a step by step guide coming up if you want my recipe. I told the girls on the way home what I had made for pudding and they practically ran all the way home lol.

Here is my recipe.
You will need
250g self raising flour
50g caster sugar plus a teaspoon
125g shredded suet
8 tablespoons water
jam (I don't measure it out just spread it on)
one egg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

In a bowl put the flour, sugar (except one teaspoon), suet.

add the water mixing until a dough forms, don't make it sticky!!

roll out onto a floured surface

spread jam all over leaving a border of around half an inch wide all the way round

spread border with egg and fold over to prevent jam spilling out when cooking

spread border with egg again

starting at one side roll into a tube shape and seal the join.

cover all over with egg wash, sprinkle over the remaining sugar and the cinnamon, bake in a preheated oven to 200c for 30 - 40 mins

You should end up with something like this.

I also tried something new for dinner too. I created some great chicken wraps. There was not much left at the end as everyone wanted second and third helpings which I didn't really mind.

I cut a green, yellow, and red pepper, an onion, 2 large carrots and 500g chicken breasts into strips.
I fried off the chicken until brown, added some cajun spice mix and the veg, then added 200g soft cheese and 100g cheddar cheese.
Once all combined put into wraps simple and tasty and got quite a lot of veg into the kids. Here is all that was left.

I have also finished off a cross stitch it is only a bookmark but it got me started with the stitching bug again.

Here it is as a finished bookmark

I also have a great teacher thank you gift that I will be making with the kids to give to their teachers at the end of term so I will post that up as soon as we have done it.
I will be going out to buy the ingredients tomorrow and we will hopefully be doing it tomorrow night if not it will be Thursday night (well we do have to have them done for Friday!!)

If you have any thoughts about recipes you would like me to try or any questions about the things I have done then please feel free to leave me a comment on here.

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