Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Money, the bane of my life

Well what a day I have had. I have been trying to sort out my mums claim for ESA but my goodness they don't make it easy do they? After 3 months and a further hour on the phone then waiting for a call back then a further 1/2 hour on the phone (someone at the call centre I went through to collapsed and because the person I was talking to was the first aider he had to go deal with that) we are still no closer to getting it sorted I am getting very stressed with it all and that's not to mention how it's affecting my mum. But I will get there (hopefully soon).

I have managed to sort out her housing benefits and they will start to make payments now which is a huge weight lifted. 

Mental health issues really do suck the life out of those around the person affected don't they? (Not to mention the person affected)

Well in other news Jessica has been a real madam today, I think it is mainly because she is over tired but wow can that girl scream lol I'm sure the neighbours thought she was being eaten alive or something. Hopefully tomorrow with and early night tonight will see a much better little girl.

Kerry has today started playing netball at school hoping to get into the school team. She had lots of fun and has asked if she can do it for ever so watch this space a future Olympian in the making (maybe) lol.

This section has been removed as it mentions my OH.

But during all this I have managed to catch up with my laundry, just got to iron it all now :( 

talk to you all tomorrow hope your day went better. x

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