Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Quick Update

Well what a weekend, I forgot that Saturday was Saturday and had it in my head that it was Monday. I blame the schools breaking up, there I was thinking it was the first day of the school holidays when really it was just the weekend lol. I blame it on a blonde moment ;)

So, I took a break from my cross stitch on Sunday wanting to give my hand time to recover a little but got straight to it again on Monday here is where I got to on Monday.

I then continued on Tuesday, and got this far,
This stitch has a lot of block colours and is very boring to do, I really want to get it finished now just to have it done.

I have chosen the photo for my SIL's wedding stitch, this one 

I have also been on Ebay (this section has been removed as it mentions my OH) and have bought the software to convert it into a chart. The software arrived yesterday and so I have made the chart up. I need to check my stitchy stash to see what threads I have and which I need, I also need to buy the fabric this pic is 128x192 stitches which those maths boffins amongst you will have worked out is almost 25,000 stitches. I have worked out that so far on the stitch I'm working on at the moment I have done roughly 1800 stitches and it has taken me 4 days to get that far, and so that's roughly 450 stitches per day. On this basis it will take me 55 days to complete the Wedding one. This means I should get it done for Christmas. But OMG it will be hard work. 

So I would say I have 4 more days on the pic I'm working on already before I can start on this one. I think I will have to take my mind off it by doing a few smaller pieces every now and again, I also have family life to fit in and the council business to do, and now the children are off school I don't think I will be able to do 450 stitches per day :( Ah well you will just have to keep tuned to see if I do manage to get it done lol. 

I'd better get on with it speak to you all soon xx

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