Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Children really do copy Mummy

Kerry went to sleep at my mum's house for the night and Emily went to my MIL's for the night, which left me and Jessica home alone together. We had great fun, playing different games, cooking a basic pasta bake (she got to do a lot of stirring), doing a bit of cleaning and doing a bit of cross stitching ;) I gave her a bit of scrap aida and showed her how to hold the needle adn fabric and away she went. Here is Jessica concentrating on her stitch.

She was really proud of the result, saying over and over "I love cross stitching I'm good at it aren't I Mummy?"

She had to keep asking me whether it should go in the top or the bottom, and I lost count as to how many times the thread came off the needle. But she did have a load of fun doing it, and it was lovely to spend time doing it with her.

Here is the finished result. Look at that smile. Such a proud girl, such a proud mummy.

I haven't done as much on my stitch as I was busy helping Jessica with hers but this is how far I have gotten with it.

Had a lovely suggestion for a craft to try from +Hugh Edwards, I am going to put it on my wish list and will get my self a kit, so thank you for that.

Anyway, time to sleep for me. Speak soon x

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