Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kerry's turn to copy Mummy

Today Kerry has been doing a cross stitch. She needed quite a lot of help and ended up doing quite a lot of frogging, (frogging is when you make a mistake and have to undo your stitches and you ripit ripit get it??) Here she is concentrating hard.

She is making a picture of a dancer for Jade (who loves to dance) so she is begging me to help her to get it done before Jade arrives.

My stitch seems to be taking forever, I feel as though I'm not getting anywhere with it then I look back on here and see significant improvement at the end of each day. I think having this is definatley spurring me on to better things, I honestly do feel that if I didn't have this, I might have given up on it by now. But here is the latest.

Anyway that's it from me tonight, I'm feeling very tired and want to get some sleep . Speak to you all soon xx

Oh P.S I have ordered the fabric for the wedding stitch. Getting quite excited to start it now.

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